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Oriental jade attracts sword beads

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Wei Zongfang knew that he was much inferior to them in terms of internal strength. On weekdays, even in the dark, there was still a little light of the stars and the moon, as long as his internal strength was slight. The person who has the heat can see clearly. But here is an underground tunnel, the more inside, the more black, there is no exquisite internal strength. Do you want to see clearly? Then he promised and walked behind the old man Ou. Liu Lingbo and Gan Liuzi followed closely behind Wei Zongfang and filed in. This tunnel, as expected, turns a lot, about four lines. Five miles away, you can see a faint light in front of you. It's near the exit. Listen to old man Ou to say again only: "Everybody is careful, ahead exit, it is a clear and exquisite grotto, they are digging it." At that time, there was already a natural situation, plus artificial arrangements. After a pause, he said, "Remember, everyone, whenever you go to the cave, you should go the best." The one on the left can't be wrong. The most important thing to be careful is that the stalactites are coated with poisonous powder. Don't let the poisonous powder stick to your clothes. Everyone had already heard old man Ou talk about the situation in the secret passage, and had been prepared for it. As soon as he said it, he immediately took out the black cloth from his bosom. Cover your mouth and nose. Out of the tunnel, as expected, in a cave, but see stalactites hanging down, separated into many large and small rocks. Hole. Fortunately, the old man Ou led the way, and had been warned in advance,4 person jacuzzi, so everyone was careful, holding their breath and following Ou's head. Walk through the cave. It didn't take long to get to the exit. Everyone stepped on the craggy rocks and quickly jumped down to the ground, but they saw two mountains in front of them, a canyon in the middle, and the ground was paved. Extremely fine white sand, winding deep. Old man Ou stretched out his hand and pointed to the foot of the cliff on the right and said, "The old man has placed a mountain at the foot of the cliff on the right every ten feet." Stone, just pay attention. Finish. Be the first to stride. Don't look at his stride, and the usual walk in general, in fact,5 person hot tub, walking like flying, walking briskly, as if floating on the white sand. Fly, really not enough dust! Wei Zongfang looked at the infinite heart break, for a moment that also dare to neglect, immediately took a breath of True Qi, jumped away, and sure enough every other one. Zhang, there is a rock, tiptoe on the stone gently move, leap all the way away. The whole canyon was only half a mile long, and in a twinkling of an eye, it reached the edge of the field! Old man Ou was not far ahead. He stood still and waited for the three of them to arrive. He pointed to the front and said in a low voice, "Our aunt!" Niang lives in the back of the Poison Palace, in the third stone house on the right, where the guard is stricter. Let's replace Lan Junbi first Come on, Wei Shaoxia, you don't have to walk any more, but let Brother Gan take Lan Junbi to wait for the old man here. Everyone followed his finger and looked, and it turned out that the place where several of them were standing was between the waist of a peak, whirlpool hot tub ,indoor endless pool, and the terrain below was low and dark. In the dark, although you can't really see it, you can vaguely recognize that the so-called Poisonous Sand Gorge is indeed a slightly long gorge. Poison Palace is located under a hill, just in the center of the canyon, surrounded by dark, surrounded by many stone houses. The whole poisonous sand. The gorge is between two peaks in the sky, and the terrain is very secret! Liu Lingbo looked around and asked, "Ou Laozhang, where is Lan Junbi?" Old Ou said, "He's in a stone house in the south of the Poison Officer. There's a bamboo forest here. It's not easy to see him. Let's follow the old man." Come here Then he led the three men down a path between the stone walls. Because they had already gone deep into the hinterland of the Poisonous Sand Gorge, no one dared to be careless at all, and they hurried all the way under the cover of trees. Fortunately, old man Ou was in the lead, and even if he met the man on duty in the gorge, he had already made a point in the air, and he was confused. Acupoints. Not long after, approaching the front of a stone house, old man Ou made a gesture to Liu Lingbo and said, "Sound into the secret": "Miss Liu, go in quickly. The two guards outside the house have been restrained by the old man." Liu Lingbo nodded, stretched out his hand to push, the wooden door opened, from the inside out of the light, her body a side, then flashed in. Go! Listen to somebody inside to drink a way only: "What person?" It was the voice of Lan Junbi. Liu Lingbo looked up and saw the stone house. There were two questions, one bright and one dark.
One outside here Room, like a living room, the furnishings are still exquisite, because Lan Junbi is a member of the Lan family in Yunnan, Poison Sand Gorge shows preferential treatment to him, no. Not to win over his father Lan Xinfu! Seeing the situation in the room, Liu Lingbo answered softly, "It's me!" Lan Junbi was overjoyed to see that it would be Shu Xiaohui. "Yes," he said hurriedly. It's Miss Shu! He almost blurted out "cousin", but thinking that the chief protector had told him, he was still disguised as Wei Zongfang. Share, should not leak, just call out "bundle girl" three words. This is controlled by some kind of poison, and the mind is slower than usual after all. Liu Lingbo gave a light hum in his mouth, and the man walked over and said, "I feel bored alone, so I came to look for him." You, you don't welcome me to come? "Welcome, Huan.." said Lan Junbi. Before he could say the word "Ying", Liu Lingbo pointed to his ribs with a flash of lightning. Since the distance between the two sides is close, Lan Junbi never dreamed that Shu Xiaohui would make a surprise attack under her smiling face, saying "er" in her mouth. With a cry, he leaned back and sat down. It was a matter of lightning, and just as Lan Junbi fell back, the sweet tumor waiting outside the door came in faster than electricity. Catch it, hold it under the ribs, and retreat outside the door. Wei Zongfang quietly flashed in, and Liu Lingbo followed his elder brother back out. The wooden door was closed at the same time, as quiet as if nothing had happened, and the three figures were already like three wisps of smoke. Flash away? With Lan Junbi under his arm, Gan Tumour went back the way he had come and retreated to the waist of the peak. Old man Ou led Liu Lingbo, but ran toward the hill. As he retreated, he casually opened the acupoints of two officers on duty. Poison! Sand gorge two gorge Ding, just like hit a ton, there want to get this is done on the body. Old man Ou and Liu Lingbo ran straight to a stone house at the foot of the hill. Shu Xiaohui is the apple of Nanhaimen's eye. The sand gorge can provoke the Central Plains Wulin, but I dare not despise the South China Sea Gate. Shu Xiaohui lived in this stone house, can be said to be quite exquisite,jacuzzi manufacturers, but also allocated two maids, waiting on her. Of course, these two envoys. monalisa.com


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