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He immediately made an "Oolong wagging its tail" and swept towards Gu Ye. Gu Ye stepped back, kicked with one foot, "Bada", and the straw sandals on his feet flew out and hit Mowei on the chin. Bah! It stinks. Master Gu, why did you fight back? Mowey cried out in a hurry. Master Gu giggled and said, "Did my old son make a move?" "No, no," said Xiao Di with a smile. Mo Wei had no choice but to do it again. After thirty rounds, he couldn't touch a piece of Lord Gu's clothes, so he felt guilty and stopped. "Your moves are old-fashioned," said Master Gu. "You have to follow through with such a move. When facing the enemy, you must do whatever you want, make your own moves, and combine your body with your hook. Also, your hook method is obviously out of the double hook method, you use the right hand hook, only half, so there are many flaws. "Well," said Mo Weiqi, "the old man's divination is accurate. That's right. My master uses a double hook. I, Lao Mo, use both hands to use the hook. How can this soul-chasing powder be scattered out?"? I don't have three hands, so what I learn is double Jun, and what I use is single hook. "Take your time," said Master Gu. "I'll correct it for you." Mo Wei according to the words, a move to make, Gu Ye for him a move to correct, but also some swordsmanship and knife skills mixed in, created a set of new hook method, greatly increased the power. Mo Wei was overjoyed and said, "This set of hooks is called the Forty-nine Forms of Chasing the Soul. It's a name that can frighten people." Master Gu was too lazy to talk to him and only urged him to practice. Three days later, he practiced the hook method and asked Xiao Di to pass on a few moves to him. "In the past three days," said Xiao Di, "I've been trying to figure out how to lift the hook three times,fine bubble diffuser, but I don't know if it works." "Too little, too little. What's the use of three strokes?" "Try to learn first." Xiao Di took the single hook, only to see him dance a white light, strong wind whistling, hook method sharp, sharp, very strange. Mo Wei's eyes were blurred, and he didn't see anything. Xiao Di spoke slowly and patiently. Only then did Mo Wei realize the power of these three moves, and he praised them again and again. The names of these three moves are: "Imp Seduction", "Impermanent Death", and "Death Sentenced by the King of Hell". Mo Wei listens, cry: "Awful dead, inauspicious again, bad bad." Xiao Di said with a smile, "Your nickname is Chasing Soul Powder. It's just right for you." Mo Wei didn't think so, but he had to. It took him three days to learn it. Gu Ye went out every day and brought back the news today. Tianxuanhui Flying Snake helped a large number of masters to settle accounts with Xu Yuzhu and Liu Zhen's family. Liu Mei's master, Taoist nun Miaoqing, arrived at Baihe Bie Village. The Beggars' Sect entered the Liu family and prepared to fight against the Tianxuan Society and the Flying Snake Sect. A funeral meeting will be held in Taibai Villa next month, rapid sand filters ,Wall Penstocks, and Wulin colleagues who will attend the funeral will be invited to uphold justice. The Patriarch of the Taibai Sword Sect returned to Taibai Villa from his hermitage to seek justice for the Taibai Sword Sect. This piece of news has greatly shocked the martial arts world, and a fierce fight is imminent. Jianghu people from all walks of life rushed to Chang'an to witness this rare contest. Hearing this, Xiao Di, Hu Da, and others all felt worried and worried for the Liu family. Hu Daodao: "Master Gu, let's go to Liu's house to help." This is just what Xiao Di wants. "Let's wait and see," said Master Gu. In private, Xiao Di and Gu Ye had a discussion. The next day, Gu Ye went to the market to look at the physiognomy. He still lingered near the entrance of the Sheng Chang jewelry store, watching the two locked doors, like a patient hunter, waiting for the wild things that were wandering around. Suddenly, a tall middle-aged scholar appeared in the crowd, about forty-five or forty-six years old, dressed in a white silk robe, holding a sandalwood folding fan, a gentle and elegant school. He was followed by a handsome scholar in his twenties, dressed in a purple silk robe and holding a small paper fan, whose clothes were so conspicuous that many pedestrians stopped to look at each other. The white-clothed scholar looked at the closed door of the shop, frowned slightly, turned around and said a few words to the purple-clothed scholar, then turned back and walked towards the road. The ancient operator thought, these two people have extraordinary bearing, must be people with background, might as well follow the past to have a look. The two scholars walked slowly, and the ancient master was five or six feet away from them, waving his waist and shaking three steps at a time, not forgetting the banner on his shoulder, attracting business. In fact, he had no intention at all, which was just a means of confusing people, but it was strange that someone had found him. Hey, fortune teller! Someone caught up with him from behind.
Ancient operator thought, really want to die, a few words to get rid of it. So he turned around and saw two big men with fierce faces standing in front of him. The two men's faces, one purple and one red. You two want to read your faces? Another day, the little old man has something to do. The ancient operator said he was going to leave. Slow! The red-faced man grabbed his arm and said, "You're carrying a signboard on your shoulder. The grandfathers take care of your business, but you don't look at it. What do you mean?" The ancient operator was pinched tightly by him. "Oh," he said, "Don't pinch so tightly. The little old man can't stand it!" "Do you tell fortunes?" "Of course. Well, what are you two going to count?" "Calculate when your old son will die!" "What is that?" The ancient operator understood that the two evil gods were the bodyguards of the two scholars, and that their tracks had been revealed, so they had to pretend to the end. You two, don't joke. The little old man has something urgent to do. "You're not a fortune-teller, are you?" "Oh, the little old man is quite famous for fortune-telling in this area. If he doesn't tell fortunes, he will drink the northwest wind." "You are a mountain dog." "I don't deserve it, I don't deserve it." Big brother, what are you talking to him about? Give him a slap. Said another big man with a purple face. "Give him a slap for trouble," said the red-faced man. Said, exercise in the arm, five fingers a force. Oh, help! You're so unreasonable. Master Gu shouted. The red-faced man then let go of his arm and said with a smile, "Old man,Lamella Plate Settler, go home and stand up." The two big men smirked and walked away. The ancient operator looked for two scholars in the crowd again, but they had already disappeared, so he had to sigh for his bad luck. He pushed his way out of the crowd that had gathered to watch the scene of bustle and went back to Bilo's shop. khnwatertreatment.com


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