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Decades later, even if we spend a lot of money on governance, we will not be able to return to the original state. Old Shen, you really reminded me and gave me a new idea. Thank you. As soon as Fan Jian is ambitious, he wants to make achievements, and sometimes he has to find a new way. There are not many people who attach importance to environmental protection nowadays. He starts from this aspect and screens foreign capital. Maybe it will be politics in the future. Achievement 。 In the short run, there are disadvantages, but in the long run, it is an advantage. He has a long-term plan and can't make temporary gains and losses. Thank you for what? You will think of it later. Now you just don't realize it. Faint cold voice, not anxious not slow said, typical Shen Qinghe, or everyone is familiar with that he. Old Shen, don't be modest. Do you have any real ability? Who here doesn't know? We couldn't go to college without your lectures. You're just unlucky, or you're a top student at the Imperial University. Everyone seems to go back to a few years ago, leaving their textbooks for many years, if not for Lao Shen, even if they can enter the university, they will not enter the ideal university in their minds. When he was in the countryside, only Lao Shen continued to look through the textbooks, and from time to time he also studied and studied. All the places he did not learn well in reading were thoroughly studied by him. Give them lectures, explain the profound in simple terms, fools can understand half, Qingshan village plus several villages near Qingshan village can test out most of the educated youth, but also because of Lao Shen. Luck is also a part of strength. In the past, I may have been annoyed by luck and blamed God. Now I just want to live up to this great era, which will let me use my smart brain and diligent hands to create infinite possibilities. I'd like to propose a toast to our reunion. "Well, the confident Shen Qinghe I know is back. Cheers to our reunion." "Cheers!" "Cheers!" "Cheers!" "Cheers!" “……” Everyone raised their glasses and toasted the reunion together. A lot of people came, there were more than a dozen people, a table was full, and seats were added. Shen Qinghe proposed to make a unified contact book, one for each person, with everyone's home address,ghana seed extract, unit, and telephone number on it. It's unanimous. All in favor. Cao Ying, who was responsible for making the contact book, summoned up his courage and asked Shen Qinghe, "Old Shen, where are you working now?" Everyone dare not ask, afraid to stimulate old Shen, Cao Ying is responsible for the production of contact book, she has to ask ah. Shen Qinghe took a sip of hot tea and said, "I didn't have a unit. It was November 1979 when I returned to the city. After I came back, there were very few units and factories to recruit workers. In addition, I just came back, transformed my home, and helped Fenglan adapt to the life of the imperial capital. I didn't have time to look for a job day by day. Later, in December, my family was short of money. I applied to the neighborhood committee to set up a stall to earn some living expenses.". Started my entrepreneurial career, saw palmetto extract ,tannic acid astringent, and since then I have become self-employed, and now I am not bad, not bad. Shen Qinghe's tone was calm and cold, as if he were talking about someone else's family. Self-employed people are rich now, better than our people who get dead wages, but what kind of business do you do? Everyone is curious. Old Shen, who has always been aloof, will bow down for five pecks of rice and go to set up a stall to be self-employed. It's somewhat incredible and a little sad. Old Shen's temperament will certainly not go to set up a stall to be self-employed until he really can't go on. At first, I was just going to sell Spring Festival couplets. You all know that my brush writing is good. I just need to buy some red paper. The cost is low. Maybe God wanted to make it up to me. The first day I went to the countryside to set up a market stall, I saw people selling all kinds of food. I had a flash of inspiration. I remembered a recipe of stewed vegetables I had seen a long time ago. I still remembered how to match the stewed material bag, so I tried to buy all kinds of materials I needed and try it myself. Who knows that after trying it, it tastes very good, so I began to sell Spring Festival couplets while selling stewed vegetables, and I have been doing stewed vegetable business for several years. After listening to Shen Qinghe's words, Fan Jiangang suddenly stood up and asked excitedly, "Shen Ji's stewed dish is not yours, is it?" "Yes, the place we met was my shop." "Old Shen, I can't tell. You're a rich man.".
I tell you, Shen's food factory is the old Shen family, you must have someone to buy Shen's New Year's gift bag! "Bought, my family also bought several boxes, more convenient, there are many things inside, the packaging is very good, the food inside tastes very good, gifts are very noodles.". I also said that the boss of Shen's food was a wise man and a cunning fox. I didn't expect that the fox was someone I knew. Old Shen, can you give us a way out? You are a demon. "Yes, it's irritating. As an individual, we have developed into a factory in just two years. Are we still alive?" “……” Cao Ying asked again, "Is your work address your present factory address?" "No, write the address of another factory. I bought a new factory and started to transform it in a few days. I will focus most of my energy on the new factory in the future." The people here don't want to talk any more. Old Shen is a demon. They have to adapt slowly. Maybe they will be stimulated constantly in the future. A get together, contact a lot of friends, Shen Qinghe put down everything, enjoy this still pure friends get together. Evening, eight o'clock, get together, go home, many people's hearts can not calm down. Old Shen is still the cold, smart old Shen, did not go to college, nor worse than them, or even better than them. Years later, before the Lantern Festival, the original match factory and the future "Fengya" brand skin care company were formally established. The old factory buildings have been demolished and put aside brick by brick. Architectural experts have been stationed, Shen Qing and Professor Zhang Han, a very famous architect in the 1950s, who was invited from the Department of Architecture of Imperial University. Professor Zhang suggested that Shen Qinghe plan to build a 20-story building, and when the scale is expanded, several high-rise buildings can be built in the existing factory area. When it is expanded, it will be covered in turn without delaying production. There is also a sewage treatment area, which is also a key point. Professor Zhang also said that Shen Qinghe is far-sighted and has a strategic vision. Professor Zhang,lutein eye complex, who has returned from studying abroad, does not study this, but he also has a deeper understanding of sewage treatment than most people. prius-biotech.com


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