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The Enchanting Killer Lady of the Night

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I know he must have misunderstood me. "You can rest assured that no one cares more about the country than I do.". Now I can tell you very clearly that someone wants to usurp power. I can't find out who it is yet. I hope you can help me. Jin Yuhao felt that the woman in front of him did not need to deceive himself, so he believed her words, "How can I help you?" "Marry me." In two simple and clear words, I finally said my purpose, but these two short words surprised the two people around me. Master, this is absolutely impossible. The man who was following me broke in. Wind, let me think about it. Jin Yuhao thought quietly, but unexpectedly he quickly responded to me, "Yes, I promise you, but we only have the name of husband and wife, there is no reality of husband and wife." "Good!" That's what I want to say, but I didn't think we were really like-minded. In fact, Jin Yuhao was able to agree so quickly for a reason: first, his brother has been urging him to find a princess recently, so that he can stop his brother's mouth; second, he can always monitor Leng Xiang's every move, and by the way, he can also investigate her true identity; Third, he also perceived something wrong,plastic wheelie bins, even if Leng Xiang deceived himself, he could force her to say who was the mastermind. Traveling style, seeing off guests. Jin Yuhao's words are not emotional at all. The attitude towards people is really bad, especially your future stunning wife. However, I am relieved to cooperate with this kind of person. I am very satisfied with my future partner, no, I should say my future husband. Volume 1 Prelude to Music Chapter 22 I Want to Learn Martial Arts By the way,plastic pallet bin, I want to bring this news to Botian. Although I am the Lord of the Night Palace, it is only in name. It is Botian who is really in charge of the Night Palace. It's not that I don't want to take over the Night Palace, but I don't know much about it. Besides, I have no martial arts. Although I am a first-class master of modern Taekwondo, karate and so on, I can't compare with the ancient flying skills and internal skills. Fortunately, I still have a Nighthawk in my hand now, but I'm really good for nothing when I run out of bullets. Walking on the way to the Night Palace, I thought over and over again, and finally I thought of a way to make the best of both worlds: I want to learn from the person with the highest martial arts! I think where this person is now, it should not be difficult for Botian who knows nothing. ———————————————— As I walked into the Night Palace, my nominal subordinates groveled to me whenever they saw me. What kind of rule is this? I must cancel such an unreasonable rule another day. Stepping into the threshold of the lobby, a familiar figure rushed into my eyes. Sure enough, I expected to be right, foldable bulk container ,heavy duty plastic pallet, Botian is here, although he is my personal bodyguard, it is reasonable to stay with me all the time to protect me, but he is really too busy, but also personally deal with the big and small things in the palace, but when I take over here he will be free. Bo Tian, I tell you a good news. My face is much more relaxed. He turned around. "Leng Xiang, I already know.". Have you reached an agreement with the Seven Princes to marry you? No wonder he always said how great the Night Palace was. It seems that our people have been placed in the Seven Princes'Mansion. If I had known, I wouldn't have come here on purpose, but I still have something to trouble you. "What is it?"? It's rare that the omnipotent Lengxiang still has a difficult time. He thought about it and couldn't think of anything that made Leng Xiang embarrassed. It was really incredible. I want to learn from the best in martial arts and become invincible in the world. I couldn't tell what expression it was on my face, but the only thing I knew for sure was that the look in my eyes that was bound to win was impossible to refuse. Okay, but how do you know I know where he is? "Because you are a warrior who knows everything." This kind of person sometimes has to be flattered, and sweet words are sometimes more useful than money and power. Sure enough, the word "narcissism" was clearly written on his face. If people in the night palace saw their former palace master with such a nymphomaniac expression, it would be strange if they did not break their glasses.
It took him a long time to wake up from his narcissistic expression and solemnly said to me, "I can tell you where he lives, but he has a very strange temper and never accepts apprentices. If you insist on worshipping him as a teacher, you should think clearly." I nodded my head firmly. At this moment, my determination can not be destroyed by anyone. All right, I'll send you to his residence with flying skills now, and you can hold on to me. Without saying a word, he immediately set off and took me in his arms. Although this gesture could be misleading, we didn't mind each other, because there was something called friendship that extended between us. And in Botian's heart, from the first time he saw Lengxiang in Yihong Courtyard, he was impressed by her appearance and talent, so that when Lengxiang asked to be friends, he immediately agreed, and showed his rogue side in front of Lengxiang without reservation. He hoped that the friendship between him and Leng Xiang would last forever. But no one knows what will happen in the future, do they? Volume 1 Prelude to Music Chapter 23 Learning from a Teacher It's not bad to have Qinggong. It takes only two hours (that is, four hours) to get there, which should have been a day and a night. Finally arrived at the destination, but here is a mountain top, visual observation is 1000 meters high, surrounded by ice and snow, but the unexpected is that the stream here is not frozen, in addition to the cold here, it is still a fairyland on earth. I'm a little puzzled if everyone likes to live in a place like this. I jumped into the arms of Bo Tian and stretched my hands and feet. Not only was Bo Tian tired all the way, but I was also very tired. I couldn't move in his arms, and my hands and feet were almost numb. After I stretched my limbs, I gave the order to leave, "Botian, you go back first." "This.." Bo Tian was still a little hesitant, because he was really worried about whether the legendary shadowless swordsman who was the best in martial arts would embarrass Leng Xiang. I understand Botian's concerns, but I still have to face these things alone. "Botian,plastic pallet supplier, you don't have to worry, I have to face them alone.". Besides, I want you to go down the hill and do something for me. 。 cnplasticpallet.com


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