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To the bone

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He put his hand on his forehead and felt the heat in his neck. After a pause, he remembered the batch of imported goods that Bai Yinchu's company had imported. He half closed his eyes and said, "The ship of Bai's Industry arrived at the dock the night before yesterday. He passed through the customs. It is expected that it will be released in these two days.". You send the police and the tax office to entertain him. He has too much leisure. There is still time for love. The idea hit Lao Tzu to come up, do not give him a bit of suffering, as I am made of paper. He replied, "You do it, and I'll see her when I'm better." Yu Raoliang left the room with a military salute. As soon as he closed his eyes, Ya Yan knocked on the door again and came in. He stood in front of his bed and asked, "Second Brother, are you better?" "Much better," he answered with a hot snort. Ya Yan saw that his listless appearance was really pitiful. He sat down in the sofa chair and said softly, "Second Brother, I heard that Bai Yinchu is pursuing Nan Qin, isn't he?" He opened his eyes and glanced at her. "Who said that?" "You don't have to hide it. I'm not a person who is trapped at home and has no way out. There are many channels for gossip.". I said you might be angry. I know you love Nanqin, but you are so simple and rude that even a woman can't stand it. Seeing that he was not convinced, he opened his eyes and did not look at him. He held his chest and said to himself, "In fact, women all like gentle men. No matter how powerful they are outside, when they get home and face her, they will always be gentle.". You can try another way, put away the set in the army, send her flowers every three or five times,Portable gold trommel, write her love poems, take her to the seaside to watch the sunset.. I think Nan Qin is so pitiful. He married a man who doesn't understand the amorous feelings, but he is still so unreasonable. She stood up and shook her head, talked to him without thinking, and went out again with her hands behind her back. Liangyan was annoyed by her words, and on second thought, it seemed reasonable. He said he would take her to see the sunrise last time, but he couldn't make it. He said he would take her to Hengzhou Road to eat Tianjin snacks,portable gold wash plant, but it turned out to be a blank check. He owes her too much and always emphasizes that he loves her, but what he does for her after marriage is really limited, and more often he is willing to be angry with her to satisfy his childish and boring sense of existence. He is a fool whose emotional intelligence needs to be strengthened, and his condition is serious and in urgent need of treatment. Ya Yan's words opened up a road for him in the chaos. Perhaps you can try, to deal with Nanqin tough certainly not, Bai Yinchu know circuitous, he may not do as well as him. , 28, Chapter 28 (Catching Worms) The name of the foreign firm where Nanqin worked was Dachang, but it was small in scale and made food. The agreed salary was not high, eight yuan a month, not even enough for her previous meal, but now enough to pay the rent and daily expenses. Finally can rely on their own hands to live, that kind of self-confidence is really wearing gold and silver can not be built up. This job has one day off every week, and the disadvantage is that the working hours are not fixed. Usually it should be six o'clock to get off work, chrome washing machine ,Portable gold trommel, in case of emergency business, it can not guarantee what time to close. The manager of the foreign firm apologized euphemistically, "because it has just opened, many places are not perfect enough.". Slowly get back on track and everything will be fine. Of course, we will try our best to take care of female employees and will not stay too late, after all, safety is the most important. Nanqin is a person who is easy to be satisfied. She doesn't care about that. It doesn't matter if the time is a little longer. I am anxious to find a job, Jin and there to meet the opportunity, Yin Chu there to tell the truth, she does not want to have too much intersection, or to find their own, relying on their own ability, do not owe anyone friendship, their hearts at ease, the back is also straight. She gathered the papers on the desk, some of which were handwritten, and wanted them all to be typed. As Manager Sha said, Dachang has not been established for a long time, and there are not many employees. Sometimes one person works for two people. She's all right. She's not needed to run errands, but she's a little more complicated. Typing, sometimes doing translation. If the boss and the food factory below want to talk about business, they have to send her to draft documents, so she belongs to the civilian staff of all aspects of service. It's a little hard, but I feel very full. She even cut her hair short in order to look sharp. The long waist-length hair, which had been raised for six years, was suddenly gone. Relaxed and melancholy, he dared not look directly at it and hurried out of the barber shop.
Now used to it, she stood in front of the mirror in the cloakroom and stroked her hair, which was shoulder length and easy to comb. The person in the mirror looked good, with a faint smile on her face, and the pin at the collar was crooked. She stepped down and pinned it again. The cheongsam of plaid cloth was newly made and brought out from the garden. Even the plainest one looked too elegant. She followed Tang Jie to the tailor's shop across the road and pulled a few feet of foreign cloth. When she got the clothes and changed them, she really felt at ease. In the past, I always felt that I was out of tune with the surrounding environment, but now I change my clothes, wear cheap materials, and even my bags are made of cloth. The handle of the bag was carved into a ring of wood, which was linked to the arm. As we walked, the key in the bag collided with the copper horn and clanged. Another girl in the firm, Mabel, was tall and round-faced. She did not work in the firm. There was a small shop in front of her. She was responsible for selling goods and displaying food. Mabel is the niece of the manager. She is a little lazy in doing business, but she is very attentive to eating. As long as you hear her call "Chen Guang has arrived", you can look up and see that it must be 11:30, punctual and punctual, without half a minute error. Foreign firms do not have kitchens, and they have to rely on their own food. At first, Nan Qin followed Mei Bao to the stall next door to eat spicy meat noodles, which was really unappetizing for several days. Later, I had three hours of free time at noon,gold heap leaching, and my home was not far away. Apart from the round-trip journey, I could warm up the previous day's meal and have an hour's rest, so I decided to go back for dinner. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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